Step Six

Pass Plus Advanced Driving

pg_a_8Step Six

Congratulations once again! You have now passed your driving test and have been given the green light to drive on your own, but your learning experience doesn’t have to stop here, and we can also help you to save money on your motor insurance.

The Pass Plus scheme is an advanced driving course that will help to minimise the risk of accumulating the 6 penalty points that can result in you becoming a non-driver within two years of passing your driving test and having to reapply for your provisional licence and your theory and practical driving tests.

Since the introduction of the New Drivers Act on 1st June 1997 there have been 30,999 licence revocations. Of these licences 26,319 (84.9%) belonged to drivers aged 17-25.

Even more scary is the fact that every day in Britain two under 25’s die in road accidents.

A second very good reason for considering Pass Plus, is that insurance companies are usually prepared to reward new Pass Plus advanced drivers with a reduction of up to 30% on their motor car insurance.

The Pass Plus scheme consists of a short driving course that will take you through driving conditions that you are unlikely to have experienced whilst learning to drive:
In town
On rural roads
In all weathers
On dual carriageways and motorways
In the dark

The structured syllabus gives you the extra experience you need at a time when you’re most likely to have an accident, and the amount you save on insurance could cover the cost of the training!

There is no formal test at the end of this course but your insurer must be satisfied that you have reached the appropriate standard.

Pass Plus: the facts
When you successfully complete the course, the DSA will send you a certificate which you will need to claim your insurance discount.
The insurers in the scheme represent over 63% of the private car insurance market.
Most participating insurers will give you a one year’s no claims bonus as soon as you insure your own car. You may be able to defer the bonus for up to 2 years.
You can take the Pass Plus advanced driving course at any time in your driving career, but it’s mainly aimed at new drivers in the first year after passing their test.
If you passed your test more than a year ago, you should check with participating insurance companies whether you’ll still be eligible for discounts before taking part in Pass Plus.