Step One


pg_a_2You have taken the first step towards successfully learning to drive – one of the most liberating decisions you will ever make!

Getting Started

At Jenny Hayes School of Motoring we run driving courses that range from building up the confidence of a more mature or nervous learner driver to getting eager young learners on the road as soon as possible, and anyone else in between!

Although you can’t consider preparing to learn to drive until you are nearly 16 it is never too late at the other end of the scale! There are many reasons why people learn to drive later in life, moving to a new area being just one of them.

Whichever course you chose you can be assured that you will receive the very best tuition and personal attention from all of us at Jenny Hayes driving school, where we aim to generate newly qualified drivers with excellent safety and driving skills.

In our experience learner drivers benefit enormously from the use of interactive aids so we have recommended links to the best interactive websites, as well as beginning to introduce our own activities and competitions that will encourage safe and skilful driving techniques.
You can now view all our driving courses, prices and seasonal offers online, and once you pass your driving test we will be happy to feature you on our ‘Hall of Fame’ showcase for successful drivers!

Steps two to seven will now guide you through every stage of learning to drive, accessed through the site navigation bar.

Jenny Hayes