Step Four

Driving Lessons and Driving Instructors

pg_a_6At Jenny Hayes School of Motoring we understand that as individuals we can require a different approach to learning to drive. Some people are more comfortable when developing at their own pace without pressure and are happy to book their driving test only when they feel competent to do so. Others react more positively when under pressure and feel that they need to gain some experience before booking the driving test, and some people thrive under pressure and are confident to book the driving test with no experience at all.

There are also other factors, which may influence the way you learn to drive, for example financial or work related.

What are the options? :
Individual or block booking of driving lessons to be continued until you are confident enough to put in for your driving test. For a complete beginner you should expect to take 25-35 hours professional tuition to reach a competent standard to pass the driving test.
An Intensive Driving Course (click here for more information) that works towards a predetermined completion date as you would do for any examination. These courses range from a one week course of 30 hours tuition over five days and taking the test on the sixth day, to spreading the tuition over 4, 6 or 8 weeks. Our Learn to Drive in Six Weeks course is particularly popular with students over the summer holidays.
A Guaranteed Pass Scheme (click here for more information) that puts a ceiling on your driving lesson budget. With this scheme 17 to 26 year old learner drivers can have any number of lessons and up to four test attempts until they pass, all covered by one fixed fee.
Head Start is a totally free pre-seventeen driver preparation scheme which offers 16 to 17 year olds the opportunity to prepare to learn to drive using approved visual aids and reading material, lectures and tuition – including where possible an off road introduction to practical driving. There is no obligation to learn to drive with Jenny Hayes School of Motoring with the Head Start Scheme.

Decorative, personalised Gift Vouchers are available for any occasion. They are sold in multiples as per tuition scale charges.

Our Birthday or Special Occasion Gift Packs include:
10 hours tuition time presented as personalised, decorative gift vouchers
Personalised Greetings Card
First drivng lesson guaranteed on Birthday

For prices on all the above courses, gift vouchers and birthday/special occasion packs, together with a copy of our Terms and Conditions click here

Equally important is the choice of Driving Instructor. Jenny Hayes driving school instructors are continually assessed for character, personality and instructional ability and we strive to ensure that instructors are matched with clients based on these assessments.

Not only do we at all times adhere to the Driving Standards Agency Code of Conduct, but we also have our own Code of Conduct which has been drawn up from the ten most common reasons why clients have left other driving schools to joint the Jenny Hayes School of Motoring. To view this click here.

Every twelve months we carry out customer surveys asking for your comments and grading of our services, attitudes and instructional abilities. However, we welcome at all times any comments, complaints or criticisms of our Driving Instructors, cars or school. We aim to respond within 24hrs to any complaint in a sympathetic, fair and impartial manner.

Oh and we like nice comments too!

We have instructors located throughout Devon and Cornwall. Click here to find a location near you.

All of our driving instructors are fully qualified and will at all times display a Green Instructors Licence in the windscreen of the tuition vehicle. Do not be afraid to inspect an instructors’ licence to make sure it is current and valid.

Having chosen the Jenny Hayes School of Motoring, you will be allocated to a professional driving instructor. Your instructor will either be allocated by the driving school or will be an instructor of your own choice. Either way we are confident of the quality of instruction that you will receive.

To book your driving lesson you may telephone either our office or the instructor direct to make your appointment. We always try to accommodate the time and day that you want to take driving lessons, but it is helpful if you can be flexible in order to vary your driving experience due to different traffic, light and weather conditions. All appointments are confirmed either by your instructor or by the driving school.

On your first driving lesson we understand that you may be nervous, apprehensive or even scared of driving a car for the first time. Even if you have already had some experience it may be daunting to get into a strange car with a strange person. Your driving instructor will be friendly and professional towards you and understands the need for you to feel comfortable and relaxed while learning to drive. Your instructor will at all times try to put you at your ease. If you are comfortable in the car then you will learn at a quicker rate.

At your first driving lesson you will meet your new instructor at your pre designated meeting place. After introducing themselves they will ask to inspect your driving licence and you will also be asked to read a standard car number at 20.5 metres (approx 5 car lengths). These are the legal requirements to begin to learn to drive.

For 10-15 minutes you will take part in the controls lessons, then if you are a novice driver you will learn moving off and stopping the car before driving for the rest of your tuition period. More experienced drivers will have their tuition tailored to meet the standard that they are already at.

After each driving lesson your instructor will debrief you, discuss your progress and explain what you will be covering in your next lesson. Future lessons will be planned to incorporate the whole of the driving test syllabus, which is laid down by the Driving Standards Agency.

All tuition times start at pick up point and finish at drop off point